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[not] meant to change the world; but to reveal

Communities are not meant to change the world. If that’s the goal–you’ll get caught up in a power struggle. Communities are meant to live something together–and to reveal that it is good to be people of peace. Jean Vanier To see the full video/interview–visit: Loved as You Are. What if I want to change the […]

Thoughts on Enough.

[I’ve posted a picture to accompany the following thoughts; The Daily Divine.] My first winter in Seattle has not yet disappointed. In one week’s time, the Seattle area has been pounded with more snow than it usually experiences in an entire winter. It has been labeled as a “Winter Squall”, “Snowmageddon “, and it has been the […]

Wearing our Heart on the Outside of our Body

We got new bikes. The one I had before I got for Christmas when I was in 6th or 7th grade. So the feeling of a bike that actually fits me is amazingly beautiful. We go on trails that I didn’t even know existed and to parks where people gather to do the “outdoorsy thing.” […]

Giving up the Dream Life

Now, before I go on to describe the “Dream Life” I must ask you to please keep in mind my “historical context.” Only months before writing this I was finishing up my last semester at college. At a Christian Liberal Arts college-to be exact. And, to be even more specific, I was finishing up my […]

My Epic Common Life

I asked for ordinary. Mundane. Simplicity. I asked to be challenged in a radical way…for me. I said “no” to living in a Christian environment focused on building and living in a Christian community. I declined the offer for spiritual mentorship and discipleship that would have been handed to me–in hopes of finding community beyond […]

the never-ending-Conversation

What if reality-time, nature, all things seen-were really all encompassed as one continuous and on-going conversation between the human and the divine..between the Creator and the creation? Paul says that creation is groaning and crying out. God hears the cries of the oppressed and is constantly whispering hushed lullabies in tired ears. Could it be […]