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Where does Revolution hide?

Where does Revolution hide? It doesn’t carry signs or picket outside in large numbers, or gather in public rallies. Revolution isn’t generally popular or well liked by the masses–that would make it more of a fashion or fad–and those change with the seasons. Some define revolution¬†as a “movement,” but objects in motion usually run our […]

Confession and Half-hearted Sacrifice

Strange forms of confession seem to be popping out now that the snow is gone. This scene is quite remarkable, really. This past winter has been the most brutal that I’ve ever experienced. True, we didn’t exactly break the snowfall records, (but we’re pretty dang close) but the snow piles were as tall as garages […]

“To Be A Revolutionary”

To Be A Revolutionary by Dee Dee Risher You cannot love money or the things it brings, though the years will come when you will think all your sacrifices for the cause entitle you to something (now the seductive part– what really, do you deserve for choosing that which is right?) You cannot love power […]