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Kool-Aid Jesus & “Ode to the End of the World”

If you grew up in or anywhere near a church with some sort of children’s ministry–or ever had school picnics or potlucks…or ever had a childhood for that matter… you’ve experienced Grape Kool-Aid. In 1931Edwin Perkins, in Nebraska, had the idea to remove all the liquid substance from a fruit drink he created and packaged […]

Princess Porn

Note: This is not another rant about movies with air-brushed women, a condemnation of the males in our society, or even how to set up adult settings on the computer. Rather, it is an honest look at women’s own addiction–“wolves in sheep’s clothing”– and how we often overlook it. Porn. Pornography. Pornographic materials. Movies. Magazines. […]

Happy Endings

I love watching movies. Comedies yes, please. Send me out of my chair onto the floor–stomach throbbing, eyes drenched with tears, unable to breathe laughing so hard the tiniest bit of pee comes out. Horror movies…ok, I’ll go for it. But the guts and blood-in my opinion-don’t always make the best scary movies. Romantic/Chick flicks, sure, […]