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Flailing arms and spider webs

Walking out the door this morning, I ran into a spider web.  Not just any spider web, this one.  For a moment I went through that flailing arm phase that everyone goes through when they walk through and invisible web–throwing my arms up, wiping my face off, trying to figure out what just happened. Then, […]

this present state

I don’t care much for the places you tell me to go Nor do I care to pay much attention to the voice in my ear Pushing or pulling, whispering nonsensical phrases I may or may not be content right here. Searching out every step, every stone Feeling every movement, every pebble Aching in my feet, […]

A Lament

The Hubs and I stream Netflix to our Wii and lately we’ve been hooked on documentaries. Our latest endeavor, Waiting for Armageddon, proved to be quite riveting, action packed, “Illuminates a worldview marked by absolute certainty and chilling finality…spine tingling…may raise goose bumps,” (NY Times). Please, before you read what follows, please I implore you to watch […]

Where does Revolution hide?

Where does Revolution hide? It doesn’t carry signs or picket outside in large numbers, or gather in public rallies. Revolution isn’t generally popular or well liked by the masses–that would make it more of a fashion or fad–and those change with the seasons. Some define revolution as a “movement,” but objects in motion usually run our […]


Stones ~Kester Brewin Before plants, before animals, before fish; after light, but yes, many days before you, He called us up from the sea. Hard, and strong. we were the firstborn of all creation, not you–soft, malleable, pliable, always yielding, you who were created from our very dust. We remained silent then. You inhaled His […]

“To Be A Revolutionary”

To Be A Revolutionary by Dee Dee Risher You cannot love money or the things it brings, though the years will come when you will think all your sacrifices for the cause entitle you to something (now the seductive part– what really, do you deserve for choosing that which is right?) You cannot love power […]

We say things and use words like, “Once upon a time”, “Long ago and far away”, “There once was…”, and “One day”. But we forget that before all of that was “I AM”. We value antiquity, history, purity, and integrity– but we hate Mystery. We try to rationalize, philosophize, fantasize, but we don’t often recognize […]

how does the langauge of God speak

When the lights have gone out and only darkness is left, blow on the coals of my heart. Rekindle the love that was once inside me–so that I may go to others to help them let their own light shine and begin to scatter the darkness. For God is not the one who snuffed out […]