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More beautiful together than alone; an economy that gathers up all things

My personality type is one that revels in being different, unique, special.  I find great delight in seeking out a new way of doing things, a new perspective, taking on a new challenge–just because it’s never been done that way before.  I’m not exactly adventurous, but I like to be ‘different’ or ‘special.’ However, sometimes this […]

Forsake Heaven. Love Your Ground.

A message I did on 4/15 on the usual “Doubting Thomas” Character. But, I did my best to keep Thomas in his place as a disciple, and focus on the message and power of Jesus, who, after all, is described by Thomas as My Lord and My God. You can listen along if you’d like: here. Just […]

every now & again,

A video I came across while getting ready for tomorrow. Normally, I’d introduce the speaker or say a little about what/why I am posting. But with this, I don’t want to.  Sometimes, I talk too much.  Story can often speak for itself, much louder than a lecture… http://www.davidlose.net/2012/04/denying-the-resurrection/ Pete Rollins–on denying the resurrection. enjoy.

But Love is Like the Wind Itself.

Sermon: 4th Week in Lent:: Used 3.18.12 Text: John 3:14-21 I struggle with the words “judgment” and “justice.”  Even saying that feels weird—I’m not exactly ashamed to say it, but somewhere inside my Lutheran brain, I feel as if I should love these words and what they represent.  Some part of me feels like I […]

Toothpaste and a Plain, Human–Jesus.

Another Sermon Post–from Transfiguration Sunday, the day we usually make a big deal out of Jesus being all shiny and bright. But what if we started looking at glory in a different way…what would glory look like in our every day lives? Gospel Text: Mark 9:2-9 On the days when I’m feeling especially productive, I […]

Clean & Unclean.

From–Sunday, February 12, the sixth Sunday in Epiphany. This was my sermon, the Gospel reading was: Mark 1:40-45 A little late, but hopefully not out of date. I grew up dressing up for church on Sunday mornings. Tights, I remember I had white tights with pink hearts on them. I had a pink skirt with a […]

Caffeine & Compassion.

This morning I woke up extra early so I could sit on my spot on the couch, look at the windows and watch the world wake up, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Tuesday mornings usually make this possible, because I staff meetings which start later in the morning. So, I get to take […]

Prelude to my first sermon: Saints & Sinners…& [the awkward embrace]

When I introduce myself to new people, trying to make connections and form my own networks–some of these connections are formed in the context of “the church.” My job as a Ministry Developer has been described in many different ways–most of these definitions I wrote myself. Depending on the context of my meeting, who is […]