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From Tomb to Womb

Breathe Light into Me My heart is so full it feels empty with pain. I have lost the ability to express anything but loneliness. All I feel is the thin breeze of an air void of any presence. The only thing I feel is the distance between darkness and light. I cannot move. I am […]

Princess Porn

Note: This is not another rant about movies with air-brushed women, a condemnation of the males in our society, or even how to set up adult settings on the computer. Rather, it is an honest look at women’s own addiction–“wolves in sheep’s clothing”– and how we often overlook it. Porn. Pornography. Pornographic materials. Movies. Magazines. […]

“Everyone has a story worth telling”

I was recently told I write in plurals a lot–using words such as– we/us instead of I/me. I was also told I generalize perhaps a bit too much–generally, usually, occasionally–things of that sort pop up in these paragraphs instead of solid fact, or opinion. Thus, in an attempt to go beyond the walls of “usually” […]

Where does Revolution hide?

Where does Revolution hide? It doesn’t carry signs or picket outside in large numbers, or gather in public rallies. Revolution isn’t generally popular or well liked by the masses–that would make it more of a fashion or fad–and those change with the seasons. Some define revolutionĀ as a “movement,” but objects in motion usually run our […]

Wearing our Heart on the Outside of our Body

We got new bikes. The one I had before I got for Christmas when I was in 6th or 7th grade. So the feeling of a bike that actually fits me is amazingly beautiful. We go on trails that I didn’t even know existed and to parks where people gather to do the “outdoorsy thing.” […]

Single-ness and One-ness of mind.

Can there be a difference in “single-mindedness” and “oneness of mind”? The two phrases sound similar and almost imply a tunnel vision of sorts. Two people can be of one mind working together as a single unit forcing complex and complicated variables into a solitary solution–be it simple or not. But two people can also […]

“Your love can change the weather”

With so much noise around us–crabby people at work, crazy drivers on their cell phones, cell phones in general, email, music, talking, blurring noise–all the time, everywhere, restaurants, elevators…noise. Once in a while we’d like to simply be left alone. No one’s laundry to do, dishes to wash, meals to cook, errands to run, orders […]

the language of God

We cannot merely pray to You, O God, to end war; For we know that You have made the world in a way that man must find his own path to peace within himself and with his neighbor. We cannot merely pray to You, O God, to end starvation; For you have already given us […]

Dumb Questions

“I’m graduating from Northwestern College in May.” That statement prompts two questions that I have come to label as ‘dumb questions.’ Remember when you were a kid and you had a burning question to ask, but you never wanted to–because you thought it was a dumb question? What did the teacher say, or what reassuring […]

Language of the culture, language of the gospel [1]

I am in a class called “Christianity & Culture.” The name alone is constantly being redefined, edited, critiqued, and broken down. It’s gotten to the point where “culture” has become an untouchable, leprous word. No one can define culture. Everyone has culture. There is no such thing as a universal or abstract culture. Christianity is […]