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Flailing arms and spider webs

Walking out the door this morning, I ran into a spider web.  Not just any spider web, this one.  For a moment I went through that flailing arm phase that everyone goes through when they walk through and invisible web–throwing my arms up, wiping my face off, trying to figure out what just happened. Then, […]

a story of weeds and identity

Next to food and drink, our most basic human need is story–Henry Brinton If we are a story-oriented people, what is the story of our identity, how do we speak about who we are, what we are, what we are doing, and who we are becoming? A story of weeds and identity, a story of […]

If & When; moving from winter into spring

Many thanks to Christine Sine for hosting us at a Gardening Seminar a few weekends ago.  Her insights about gardening and spirituality have influenced some of the thoughts I was able to piece together in discussing the analogy of “vines and branches” that Jesus uses to describe a new kind of community. The story used: John 15 […]

"Compare where you are to where you want to be and you'll get...nowhere."

Tangled; threads & splinters

Tangled up in the mess of trying to find where I am and trying to get to where I want to be. Can I not be both?  Can I not be who and where I am, and at the same time on the journey to who and where I want to be and become? Is […]

Thoughts on Enough.

[I’ve posted a picture to accompany the following thoughts; The Daily Divine.] My first winter in Seattle has not yet disappointed. In one week’s time, the Seattle area has been pounded with more snow than it usually experiences in an entire winter. It has been labeled as a “Winter Squall”, “Snowmageddon “, and it has been the […]

“Growing Hope in Our Neighborhoods”

My first big project/event for this new job as [Ministry Developer] was to coordinate our church’s booth at the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival . The festival is held every year at Lighthouse Park and it’s a great community event. It’s a typical festival/fair with lots of booths, good food, and a healthy dose of people watching. There was […]