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“Everyone has a story worth telling”

I was recently told I write in plurals a lot–using words such as– we/us instead of I/me. I was also told I generalize perhaps a bit too much–generally, usually, occasionally–things of that sort pop up in these paragraphs instead of solid fact, or opinion. Thus, in an attempt to go beyond the walls of “usually” […]

Wearing our Heart on the Outside of our Body

We got new bikes. The one I had before I got for Christmas when I was in 6th or 7th grade. So the feeling of a bike that actually fits me is amazingly beautiful. We go on trails that I didn’t even know existed and to parks where people gather to do the “outdoorsy thing.” […]

Stories, Identity, & Acceptance

At Burgies, the coffee shop where I work, we value people and their stories. On our signs, cups, and coffee collars reads: “Everyone has a story worth sharing.” And I love telling stories. Getting every single fact exactly accurate is not the point of a good story. I tell stories to bring people to a […]

Giving up the Dream Life

Now, before I go on to describe the “Dream Life” I must ask you to please keep in mind my “historical context.” Only months before writing this I was finishing up my last semester at college. At a Christian Liberal Arts college-to be exact. And, to be even more specific, I was finishing up my […]

My Epic Common Life

I asked for ordinary. Mundane. Simplicity. I asked to be challenged in a radical way…for me. I said “no” to living in a Christian environment focused on building and living in a Christian community. I declined the offer for spiritual mentorship and discipleship that would have been handed to me–in hopes of finding community beyond […]