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emptiness. goals. motivation?

All of us, for instance, carry around inside ourselves, I believe, a certain emptiness — a sense that something is missing, a restlessness, the deep feeling that somehow all is not right inside our skin. Psychologists sometimes call it anxiety, theologians sometimes call it estrangement, but whatever you call it, I doubt that there are […]

Letters & Messages [in a bottle]

When you were younger did you ever participate in a time capsule activity?  I remember in Middle School my home church dug up a time capsule that was put together when my Dad was in Middle School.  I was one of the youngest ones present, so I didn’t really understand everything that was being taken […]

“12 Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking”

I’ve seen this article posted around several different sites recently, and it got me thinking…before reading anything else in this post, I sincerely invite you to read through Michael Michalko’s work on: Creative Thinking. 1. You are creative. 2. Creative thinking is work. 3. You must go through the motions of being creative. 4. Your […]

Kool-Aid Jesus & “Ode to the End of the World”

If you grew up in or anywhere near a church with some sort of children’s ministry–or ever had school picnics or potlucks…or ever had a childhood for that matter… you’ve experienced Grape Kool-Aid. In 1931Edwin Perkins, in Nebraska, had the idea to remove all the liquid substance from a fruit drink he created and packaged […]

Single-ness and One-ness of mind.

Can there be a difference in “single-mindedness” and “oneness of mind”? The two phrases sound similar and almost imply a tunnel vision of sorts. Two people can be of one mind working together as a single unit forcing complex and complicated variables into a solitary solution–be it simple or not. But two people can also […]

“To Be A Revolutionary”

To Be A Revolutionary by Dee Dee Risher You cannot love money or the things it brings, though the years will come when you will think all your sacrifices for the cause entitle you to something (now the seductive part– what really, do you deserve for choosing that which is right?) You cannot love power […]

Language of the culture, language of the gospel [1]

I am in a class called “Christianity & Culture.” The name alone is constantly being redefined, edited, critiqued, and broken down. It’s gotten to the point where “culture” has become an untouchable, leprous word. No one can define culture. Everyone has culture. There is no such thing as a universal or abstract culture. Christianity is […]

participating in a monologue.dialogue.

Prayer. From the time we are very young and learning to talk young Christians ‘learn to pray.’ We pray the Lord’s prayer, we pray for our families, our toys [because we want more], anything and everything we can think of. And this is fine–for young children. But what happens when we, as adults, pray in […]

compassion fatigue

Did you know… A script for an hour-long television documentary is usually no longer than 1500 words (approximately 5 1/2 pages- double spaced)? Most daily television news programs are reconstructed not only in their volume, but also their complexity?  The average script for a news cast is written to be understood by the average 12 […]

the never-ending-Conversation

What if reality-time, nature, all things seen-were really all encompassed as one continuous and on-going conversation between the human and the divine..between the Creator and the creation? Paul says that creation is groaning and crying out. God hears the cries of the oppressed and is constantly whispering hushed lullabies in tired ears. Could it be […]