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“I and You”

Every now and then I have a moment when I forget I am in Seattle.  I’ll stop and remind myself that the Puget Sound is my home, or that “Pacific Northwest” is my commonplace, or even that “WA” instead of “IA” is what I put on my return address. It’s not that I’m day dreaming, […]

stating the obvious/be something

Be something Please pray for me to Our Lord that, instead of merely writing something, I may be something, and indeed that I may so fully be what I ought to be that there may be no further necessity for me to write, since the mere fact of being what I ought to be would be more […]

kenosis; going in pieces

After reading Insurrection, a few thoughts that are sticking with me. The liturgical enactment of suspended space draws us into an environment where we can begin to free ourselves of the dreams that we have been raised on and begin to dream new ones, something that will involve imaging, debating, and enacting genuinely alternative modes of […]

"Compare where you are to where you want to be and you'll get...nowhere."

Tangled; threads & splinters

Tangled up in the mess of trying to find where I am and trying to get to where I want to be. Can I not be both?  Can I not be who and where I am, and at the same time on the journey to who and where I want to be and become? Is […]

A Lament

The Hubs and I stream Netflix to our Wii and lately we’ve been hooked on documentaries. Our latest endeavor, Waiting for Armageddon, proved to be quite riveting, action packed, “Illuminates a worldview marked by absolute certainty and chilling finality…spine tingling…may raise goose bumps,” (NY Times). Please, before you read what follows, please I implore you to watch […]

“A Prophetic Squeeze”

It’s hard to walk back into situations where you’ve recently been wounded. As you sit and try not to bleed the gaping wound still oozes–and the one who cut you still looks you in the eye–without realizing they are still holding the knife. The blade still glistens with your own red liquid. You are numbed to […]

Confession and Half-hearted Sacrifice

Strange forms of confession seem to be popping out now that the snow is gone. This scene is quite remarkable, really. This past winter has been the most brutal that I’ve ever experienced. True, we didn’t exactly break the snowfall records, (but we’re pretty dang close) but the snow piles were as tall as garages […]