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"Compare where you are to where you want to be and you'll get...nowhere."

Tangled; threads & splinters

Tangled up in the mess of trying to find where I am and trying to get to where I want to be. Can I not be both?  Can I not be who and where I am, and at the same time on the journey to who and where I want to be and become? Is […]

Clean & Unclean.

From–Sunday, February 12, the sixth Sunday in Epiphany. This was my sermon, the Gospel reading was: Mark 1:40-45 A little late, but hopefully not out of date. I grew up dressing up for church on Sunday mornings. Tights, I remember I had white tights with pink hearts on them. I had a pink skirt with a […]

Caffeine & Compassion.

This morning I woke up extra early so I could sit on my spot on the couch, look at the windows and watch the world wake up, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Tuesday mornings usually make this possible, because I staff meetings which start later in the morning. So, I get to take […]

compassion fatigue

Did you know… A script for an hour-long television documentary is usually no longer than 1500 words (approximately 5 1/2 pages- double spaced)? Most daily television news programs are reconstructed not only in their volume, but also their complexity?  The average script for a news cast is written to be understood by the average 12 […]

a sanguine disposition

We belong to a people who have it easy. We would rather live in our single-family homes–miles from anything original, surrounded by monotony, sameness, and patterns/repeats rather than be challenged to step outside our front door into something busy, sightly chaotic, and always changing. We prefer to surround ourselves with people who are the same […]