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[not] meant to change the world; but to reveal

Communities are not meant to change the world. If that’s the goal–you’ll get caught up in a power struggle. Communities are meant to live something together–and to reveal that it is good to be people of peace. Jean Vanier To see the full video/interview–visit: Loved as You Are. What if I want to change the […]

1. You are Creative.

The artist is not a special person; each one of us is a special kind of artist. I, Kelsey, play with words and phrases and letters and punctuation as a child plays with Lego’s, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Barbie Dolls…with each letter and word having a place, a spot, a connection to something around it, a […]

New Year; reflections on hope

I have several musings about this “New Year” thing; resolutions, reflections, renewal… but I have been pondering [hope] a lot lately. What does it look like, sound like, smell like… how do you know if you have hope, or not. What would it take for me to be completely without hope? Once it’s gone, can you […]

Embracing this Life with New Eyes

This is an article I am writing for the Mukilteo Becon–for their weekly Worship Column. A little early, this will appear in the January 4th issue, but nevertheless, here are a few thoughts I’ve been pondering with the “resolution” hype underway.  I’ve heard the saying, “You can tell a lot about a person by their…shoes, or […]

From Tomb to Womb

Breathe Light into Me My heart is so full it feels empty with pain. I have lost the ability to express anything but loneliness. All I feel is the thin breeze of an air void of any presence. The only thing I feel is the distance between darkness and light. I cannot move. I am […]


Unpredictable. Misunderstood. Miserable. Foreign. The opposite of the ideal. We think: Blazing sun. Burning sand. Empty horizons. No water in sight. Barren, forsaken, and deadly. A desert is only hot during the day. In some places, down in the valley, the nightly temperature sinks so low your body is carried from one extreme to another. […]

Single-ness and One-ness of mind.

Can there be a difference in “single-mindedness” and “oneness of mind”? The two phrases sound similar and almost imply a tunnel vision of sorts. Two people can be of one mind working together as a single unit forcing complex and complicated variables into a solitary solution–be it simple or not. But two people can also […]

Seeing through the Snow

A couple days ago, my region was pounded with quite a snow storm. Apparently, it was the biggest/most intense storm Iowa has seen–in nearly 20 years. Everything shut down- restaurants, businesses, public transportation, everything…even giant- chain stores- gave in to the freezing temperatures and the drifts that continued to climb higher and higher. Wished for or not–everyone […]

We Cannot Live on Bread Alone

Bread is one of my favorite foods. It’s light-but thick, and has a crust whose crunch and aroma will fill an entire roomlike a vibrant symphony fills an auditorium.  Inside this glorious, rough exterior lies the pillowy showcase of spongy flavor. Seeping through every bite, every bit, yeast mixes with flour and flavor to create a blanket […]

painted hands & graffiti

A young budding artist recently opened up her avant garde art show in a very small conservative town. She wanted to express herself in a public manner, while at the same time, bring a new spice to the life of the small town. Part of her art show consisted of asking the visitors to her […]