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stating the obvious/be something

Be something Please pray for me to Our Lord that, instead of merely writing something, I may be something, and indeed that I may so fully be what I ought to be that there may be no further necessity for me to write, since the mere fact of being what I ought to be would be more […]

a story of weeds and identity

Next to food and drink, our most basic human need is story–Henry Brinton If we are a story-oriented people, what is the story of our identity, how do we speak about who we are, what we are, what we are doing, and who we are becoming? A story of weeds and identity, a story of […]


I’ve read some articles recently displaying the health benefits of drinking a cup of coffee everyday. No more worries about stunted growth, eroded stomach lining, or headaches. Quite positive results, actually. In women it has been found 1-3 cups (8oz = 1 cup) a day can lead to a more regular digestive system (who doesn’t love this), […]

The Distant Lover

She carefully dresses. Pulls her hair so it hangs loosely by her face. She gathers her things in a small tote bag and locks up after she leaves. She looks over her shoulder constantly as she walks down the street. Caution, perhaps…paranoia; she doesn’t know who sees or who’s watching. She meets him. Their usual location. […]

painted hands & graffiti

A young budding artist recently opened up her avant garde art show in a very small conservative town. She wanted to express herself in a public manner, while at the same time, bring a new spice to the life of the small town. Part of her art show consisted of asking the visitors to her […]

Cough Drops

This idea was given to me by one of my Profs during my Christian Spirituality class yesterday. She is amazing–and full of wisdom. I’ll probably say more about her later. “If there is not noise outside of you–or around you–there is noise inside of you.” Your in a classroom taking a test, in church praying with […]