what is deeper wonderment?

“Say yes we live uncertainty

And disappointments have to be

And everyday we might be facing more

And yes we live in desperate times

But fading words and shaking rhymes

There’s only one thing here worth hoping for”

Words that are better than mine. Words can rhyme and shape the way we think, dream, and create. But nonetheless, words are intangible–forever and always out of reach. Our thoughts can escape us just as quick as we try and grab for them-pull them out, open them up and examine the life inside of them.

So may we not be possessive of our thoughts. May we not be afraid to speak-to whisper or utter or express the small nudge inside that is wanting to be addressed. Even if only for a second. Even if no one else sees or understands the idea, the picture. Even if the questions never get answered. What if life were an ongoing conversation between the human and the divine? May we continually be in dialogue.

Saying “Goodbye” to the midwest corn fields of Iowa, we packed up and moved out west–Pacific Northwest to be exact.

While in college this blog served mostly as a critique to the over-saturated Christian College environment in which I found myself. I was free to ask questions, engage in popular culture, and explore the intersection of the Divine touch and daily life.

In the years since leaving the academic bubble this blog has shifted its focus from detached critique to creative expression. How do we discipline our daily lives to create space for recognizing the divine amidst the ordinary? What about the ordinary reflects the divine? Where and how do I reflect the divine and welcome that presence in those around me?

This is my journey into deeper wonderment.

Please, join with me in the ongoing conversation.


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