[not] meant to change the world; but to reveal

Communities are not meant to change the world. If that’s the goal–you’ll get caught up in a power struggle. Communities are meant to live something together–and to reveal that it is good to be people of peace.

Jean Vanier

To see the full video/interview–visit: Loved as You Are.

What if I want to change the world
What if I don’t know how to simply live something together… what does this mean?
What does it mean to be people of peace–and how do you  reveal this–what does it mean to simply allow it to seep through the cracks of everyday life, what if I’m louder than that, what if I talk too much, what if I over-explain my way of life, or my choices… what if no one understands…

And yet, it is still good to live as people of peace.


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