kenosis; going in pieces

After reading Insurrection, a few thoughts that are sticking with me.

The liturgical enactment of suspended space draws us into an environment where we can begin to free ourselves of the dreams that we have been raised on and begin to dream new ones, something that will involve imaging, debating, and enacting genuinely alternative modes of community.  The liturgical space invites us to step out of the world we currently inhabit in the hope that we will be able to step back into it with a vision for its further transformation.

One more specifically linked to worship; what does it mean to perpetuate a system of inequality, of certainty in an uncertain world? Who are we protecting by not allowing one another to truly feel loss and grief and suffering?

Worship can help us face up to the feelings of loss, meaninglessness, and guilt in a way that is not overwhelming.  It can provide a ritualistic expression that enables us to face our suffering and unknowing without being overcome by it and falling into despair…It is not the role of the Christian community to provide some escape from these; rather, such a community offers a way for us to confront them and affirm them together.

And finally, at the end of worship, there is a call to “Go in peace and serve the Lord.” I wonder if we could send one another out with this instead:

Go in Pieces

The task is ended
Go in pieces
our faith has been rear-ended
Certainty ammended
And something might be mended
That we didn’t know was torn

And we are fire–bright, burning fire
Turning from the higher places
From which we fell
Emptying ourselves into the hell
In which we’ll find
Our loving and beloved
Brother, mother, sister, father, friend

And so, friends, the task is ended
Go in pieces to see and feel your world.


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