Letters & Messages [in a bottle]

When you were younger did you ever participate in a time capsule activity?  I remember in Middle School my home church dug up a time capsule that was put together when my Dad was in Middle School.  I was one of the youngest ones present, so I didn’t really understand everything that was being taken out of the time capsule; but I knew the pop cans, and beer cans looked a lot different… the newspapers didn’t really make it, and to be honest, I don’t remember too much else from the capsule.

To me it was just interesting to see what was once thought of as important–new, exciting, creative, never going to be forgotten… and yet, by the time I came around, not a lot of what was in that time capsule was quite as precious as it once was…

The Hubs informed me today about a writing contest: Letters to a Future Church

Theologians, leaders, and great thinkers have pulled together a compilation of writings for a future church… the entire book is based on the question: What would you say to the future church?

What would you say to the future church? Would it be a scathing bolt of emotion and pain–which the church in question may have caused. Would it be encouragement, constructive criticism, or would you ignore it all together? Is this entity worth your thoughts, your energy, and your ideas…

If you could say something–who would you want to listen? Would you remain anonymous, or let them know who sent the letter?

What would you say to the future church…


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