1. You are Creative.

The artist is not a special person; each one of us is a special kind of artist.

I, Kelsey, play with words and phrases and letters and punctuation as a child plays with Lego’s, Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Barbie Dolls…with each letter and word having a place, a spot, a connection to something around it, a story, a role, a purpose.

I cling to my pen the way a painter clings to her brush and her color pallet, the sculptor to his chisel, the potter to her clay, the musician to his guitar, the baker to her flour…Searching, exploring, discovering what has not yet been seen, revealing what has been there all along, and giving to the world a gift of simplistic beauty and mystery.

It’s about the belief that we are, in fact, creative.

My father might not claim “creativity” as a tool he uses…but I disagree. If you tell him of an idea, show him a picture, a blueprint, or a drawing–and let him loose in his wood shop…creation stories erupt and burst forth. Beautiful pieces of furniture, cabinets, tables, clocks, shelves, even jewelry boxes–held together with this joint, that piece supporting this section, and this type of wood to create this color; it is a masterpiece. It’s meticulous, and precise, and delicate and breathtaking. He is creative.

My friend takes her camera all over. She zooms in extremely close-to a single petal on a single flower, to a single raindrop on a single blade of grass. She finds shapes and scenes inside leaves and trees on the beach, she captures the mountains with the colors of the sun dancing around, she evokes emotion and imagination and desire with her images. She is creative.

You are creative.

We must claim this for ourselves. We must fight for this piece of our identity, because it can too easily be the first to go. Our schedules, our jobs, our emotions, our families, our priorities make room for the many challenges and tasks of our day. We must learn to reclaim the beauty we see in our own lives, and the ways with which and through which we search for that beauty around us.

Once this belief is established–we begin to seek out perfect skills that aid in our expression of our identity and our beliefs.

Question it. Think it. Dream it. Search for it…Explore it, discover it…

The question can no longer be, “Are you creative?” It must be, “How are you creative?”

If I believe something, or in something, my actions will reflect–accordingly. This is not a matter of religious faith. I believe I am a creative writer; therefore, I write in a journal on a frequent basis, and I search for new ways to express myself through this medium. I believe coffee tastes better when it has a small amount of half & half cream in it. Therefore, I do not drink coffee unless I can put half & half creamer in it.

It’s not a matter of positive thinking, or self-help. Whether it is in a scrabble game, architecture, photography, literature, visual art, performance art, through nature, through people, through crafts, through cloth and linen, through flour and sugar, through coffee beans…

You are creative.

Search for it.

Claim it.

Seek out the skills that will aid you in the expression of your identity and your beliefs.




–1. You are creative: 12 Things on Creative Thinking School You Didn’t Learn about in School.



  1. theawkwardembrace · ·

    AAaaa I made it into a blog post!!

  2. This is inspirational. Your post make me think and question and I love them…almost as much as I love you 🙂 Keep up the good work ❤

  3. JLMR: of course you made it in-I was going to write about the crayon art as well, but ran out of room/time… but I might still take a picture to post….

    Hewy: I’m glad you enjoyed this one! I’d love to hear sometime about your thoughts and questions! 🙂

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