“12 Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking”

I’ve seen this article posted around several different sites recently, and it got me thinking…before reading anything else in this post, I sincerely invite you to read through Michael Michalko’s work on: Creative Thinking.

1. You are creative.
2. Creative thinking is work.
3. You must go through the motions of being creative.
4. Your brain is not a computer.
5. There is no one right answer.
6. Never stop with your first good idea.
7. Expect the experts to be negative.
8. Trust your instincts.
9. There is no such thing as failure.
10. You do not see things as they are; you see them as you are.
11. Always approach a problem on its own terms.
12. Learn to think unconventionally.

I didn’t really make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, although I do enjoy a fair amount of soul-searching and goal setting from time to time… But as I was reading through these 12 items on creativity, I found myself really wanting to explore each item on its own-in depth. Explore each thought, one by one; exploring how I find it to be true in my own life, how I see it happening in the lives of those around me… and so on.

Normally, I stay away from what I call “Theme Writing.” I don’t like to categorize what I write, I enjoy the process of discovery along the journey, then like to look back and see where I’ve come to and from. However, maybe it’s time I stretch out a little bit more. Try and craft something a bit larger than one individual thought at a time…

Not exactly sure where this will end up, or how it will look along the way, I am going to commission myself with an assignment for this year. I will explore one item of creative thinking a month. [Yes, getting a late start in January…] I invite you to join me on this journey of personal exploration. Taking a minute or two–searching through your own experiences. Where do we find creativity? What does it look like? And, potentially, learning to claim or re-claim our own creativity.

Leaving time and space for other ideas and images and questions to dance through my mind at their own will, I will continue to write in my “normal” fashion. But some of those around me [by whom I am greatly inspired and encouraged] have dubbed this year as the Year of Jubilee; this is the year of renewal, reconciliation, and discovery of beauty. This will be a small step of my own to join them on their journey, as I continue with my own.

Please, join me in discovering what it means to [think creatively.]



  1. […] I’m going to be spending some time exploring “12 Things you were not taught in school about Creative Thinking.”  Some things I’ll be diving into on my other blog: All Kinds of Deeper Wonderment. […]

  2. I always like to believe that creative thinking is work. That way I can say that I’m working most of the time even when I’m staring into space. I am thinking about writing or plot or characters, just not actually writing. 🙂

  3. Well, sometimes just thining about writing can stir up some good ideas…so, do whatever works-then blame it on the muse…

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