Occasional Road-Rage Along the Journey

Being fairly new to Washington state, I’ve discovered something: people here, are terrible drivers.

Yes, I’m sure some of the frustration can be contributed to the fact that this area is much more urban that the streets I am used to. When you grow accustomed to a certain way of things, switching to a different reality so abruptly can be a bit of a shock to the system-to say the least.

Not unlike our quest for deeper meaning, understanding, and hope in our daily life. We grow up or into a certain way of thinking. Somewhere along the line, our priorities change, life happens, and we are left with questions that we ourselves are supposed to explain. Perhaps in this period of transition in my life I am questioning, “Why?” of things around me, driving with one head light burned out trying to read the street signs. I know it’s not just the destination that counts–there is meaning to be found in the journey, but sometimes, I just wonder… where?

I found this great article, If You Meet God in the Road, Kill Him. It highlights some conversations I’ve been having with people here lately. I have no real conclusions, no big, “ah-ha!” realization.

Just one of those moments when someone else says, “yeah, me too–I know how you feel.”

And, if nothing else, it’s a comfort.


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