Where does Revolution hide?

Where does Revolution hide? It doesn’t carry signs or picket outside in large numbers, or gather in public rallies. Revolution isn’t generally popular or well liked by the masses–that would make it more of a fashion or fad–and those change with the seasons. Some define revolution as a “movement,” but objects in motion usually run our of energy and steam and slowly come to a halt.

Revolution is known by the Powers at be–but are kept at bay, often misunderstood or wrongly labeled. Revolution is subversive. The Empire is… The Empire; it is the Supreme authority, the only permissible Way, the Overlord, and the Mighty. The Empire is competitive, forceful, domineering, and manipulative…where, in this Empire, is there a place for Revolution?

Where can trees and gardens grow in cement and brick cities? How can stars be seen when the black sky boasts the neon lights of the night life? Where does revolution hide?

It hides on the words on a page of a journal. It harmonizes with love and longing in a song.
It sits at the front of a dreamer’s thoughts.
It weaves through the hands creating art from broken trash, it covers the heart of the worker clothing the naked.
It soothes the soul of the afflicted.

It hides nowhere.
The Empire simply has not the eyes to see its face, or the ears to hear its love song.

The Empire rapes the ideals of revolution–and we call it war. The Empire divides society between “good” and “bad,” creating a contorted version of justice. The Empire is a structure that cannot be held up, an appetite that cannot be filled, a lustful fire that cannot be quenched.

But revolution bares the hands of mercy. Its mind is a network of virtuous subversions, its heart bleeds the color of humanity. The feet of revolution move–not by force, but a dance of fascination. Revolution is not a robot–it is not machine controlling machine, it is not a puppet moved by strings. Revolution is a plant springing up between the cracks in a city sidewalk. Its radical. Its ordinary. It’s an idea, a dream, a lifestyle.

How do we uncover revolution? How does revolution uncover us…free us.


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