My Epic Common Life

I asked for ordinary. Mundane. Simplicity. I asked to be challenged in a radical way…for me.
I said “no” to living in a Christian environment focused on building and living in a Christian community. I declined the offer for spiritual mentorship and discipleship that would have been handed to me–in hopes of finding community beyond the walls of a church and the boarders of a camp, or even past the line of a campus. Instead of having these things handed to me, I am seeking out mentorship from new sources, new faces-starting from nothing.

I asked to step away from the life which have succeeded in so far…and I asked for a life where I can put my job away at night. Where I can read the books I choose, rather than regurgitate a professor’s opinion. I want to cook the food I am hungry for, decorate the walls as I see best, learn how to manage my money, pay bills, become familiar in a new place…survive.

For so many others this stuff is elementary, and none too exciting. But for me it’s all new. I really have never done any of this before. I have always lived inside the “Christian Community” and it has done me great good. I have been challenged and grown through many lessons, embraced many different people as friends, and learned to love in a Christ-like way. But how does life flow outside of this community? Does the love of Christ extend even to the far reaches of an ordinary part-time job? Can God be seen in the faces of people who have never spoken his name beyond a curse?

Technically speaking, this year is my gap year; I’m taking a break from college before I go on to grad school. I’m taking time off to regroup, take a break, and simply work. But this is a year-long journey for me–epic, or not–I am searching for Immanuel, the God with us. I am seeking to see the extraordinary in and through ordinary light. I desire to find strength and contentment in simplicity. And I yearn to find hope where there seems to be none.

This is my journey to seek and see God in my epic common life.


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