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In keeping with this train of thought on worship, I am reminded of a random fact; humans only remember about 10% of what they hear. It’s not that we’re not paying attention…but the way our cultures/societies have been shaping us, our brain can now only contain about ten percent of what passes through our ears–the rest…well, we’re not sure what happens to that.
So, worship–typical praise and worship setting. A speaker is on stage for about 15-20 minutes. Too much longer than that–people get antsy.

Given this situation, what would you say? Would you outline a 3-point sermon with clever alliteration to aid in the remembrance process? Do you tell a story and allow the listeners to use their imagination? Or, do you just present the facts, ask simple questions and give easy answers…

What would you risk saying? If no e is really going to remember what you said anyway…why not be bold?

But then again-it’s not about us is it? It’s about the burning in our gut crying out from inside our bellies, making our hearts beat faster and faster–moving to our throat, closing up and not being able to breathe–tears welling up in our eyes, saddened by what they see, and our head is racing, spinning. We are going to explode.

The Word of God burns within us…not to cauterize us and stop us from bleeding and make us numb. It burns inside us to rip open our hearts to make room for all that God wants to grow in us. When we come “to worship” this is dangerous business. Sometimes I don’t know if we get it–but we struggle and try, and work things out as the Body of Christ. Because that’s what humans–creatures…that’s how we struggle= together, to see God in this world and in our lives.


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