We say things and use words like, “Once upon a time”, “Long ago and far away”, “There once was…”, and “One day”.
But we forget that before all of that was “I AM”.
We value antiquity, history, purity, and integrity–
but we hate Mystery.
We try to rationalize, philosophize, fantasize,
but we don’t often recognize the truth
when it hides. Or even when it hits us in the face.
We cover up, wash over, stitch, bandage, or tape.
But we fail to reconcile, reconstruct,
or recreate.
We try so hard to understand the beginning and figure out the ending that we we often miss the pain and the bliss
of humanity-of creation.
We find ourselves stuck in isolation
of academia or denomination
and we can’t see how they  mix
so we choose and make our picks
to become enraged and bitter
never letting the fire consume our hearts
and twitter.
Or to let the embers burn
and stir in our hearts
and in our souls
and our minds
and yearn for
more than
“Once upon a time”


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