Comfort in the lack of [marketable skills]

From the book, The Hidden Ground of Love: Letters by Thomas Merton

“Do not depend on hope of results.
When you are doing the sort of work you have taken on,
essentially an apostolic work,
you may have to face the fact
that your work will be apparently worthless
and even achieve no results at all,
if not perhaps results opposite to what you expect…

“The big results are not in your hands or mine,
but they suddenly happen,
and we can share in them;
but there is no point in building our lives
on this personal satisfaction,
which may be denied us and
which after all is not that important…

”All the good that you do will not come from you
but from the fact that you have allowed yourself,
in the obedience of faith, to be used by God’s love…
If you can get free from the domination of causes
and just serve Christ’s truth,
you will be able to do more
and will be less crushed by the inevitable disappointments.

“The real hope then is not in something we think we can do,
but in God who is making something good out of it
In some way we cannot see.”


One comment

  1. firescloudsandwanderings · ·

    This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing it. Reminds me of Barth’s Christocentric theology too. Barth. Merton. Good company to keep.

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