the never-ending-Conversation

What if reality-time, nature, all things seen-were really all encompassed as one continuous and on-going conversation between the human and the divine..between the Creator and the creation?
Paul says that creation is groaning and crying out. God hears the cries of the oppressed and is constantly whispering hushed lullabies in tired ears. Could it be that things are more connected than we realize?

I go to a small, Christian, Liberal Arts college…true. But I am finding a deep yearning-a longing for “something more”, a distaste of organized/institutionalized/hypocritical/judgmental…Christianity. I am hearing calls to love the loveless, care for the needs of the poor, to befriend the outcast, to be hospitable, to live simply, to lessen [or erase] certain ‘consumption’ habits…the list is on-going, but it all seems to be flowing a certain direction.

If this conversation has been going on for so long–why have I not heard it, been a part of it? Why does it seem newer, unexpected? Was I previously limited to certain vocabulary that did not encompass these concepts? Was I still simply learning how to engage in this conversation, maybe I just did not know how to listen before..
Whatever the case may be, I am learning one thing: repeats, patterns, and routines usually speak much louder than we give attention to.

Want to get to know someone? Talk to them, watch them. Want to understand someone? Steal their journal [if they keep one..] and read it. Underline the words that appear over and over. Examine the dreams that decorate the pages, the tears that stain experiences into existence, the expressions, descriptions, the worries and fears…when things are said over and over, sometimes we are captured by an idea. Everything we see makes us compare, every story goes back to it, every conversation circles and dances around it. It’s exciting, frustrating, intoxicating, and so unreal that it makes perfect sense.

“Of course” everything is one continuous conversation…But if it is, how can we manage to compartmentalize our lives? To box up and put away pieces of ourselves at certain times, to limit our capacities to engage in one. a. time.

It’s paralyzing-numbing-to a person. Let free the imaginative spark that integrates and connects the dots of life; people, ideas, problems, brokenness, joy, suffering, hope. Connect the dots no matter how close and crowded or far out of reach they may appear.

If all of this really is one big conversation, perhaps we should start engaging in it with those around us. To not take captive our own thoughts-holding on to them so possessively. Maybe by interacting with others we will continue to grow our vocabulary, and continue to probe and ask questions of the conversation, seeking not a destination: for conversation never really seems to have a destination. But to seek next steps, directions: to seek a journey. And as with all good conversations- aside from speaking– there must be listening. Maybe we’re not always the ones doing the talking. [And maybe that is an OK thing].

I’m taking this from someone wiser than me…

What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun.

Maybe this is an ongoing conversation. We are just out of touch.


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