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Perhaps we see Advent as an ancient liturgical dance that we simply don’t know the steps to–or maybe we don’t recognize the music that is playing.  We are disconnected from this practice-we are disconnected from Advent.

Maybe not. Advent is about preparation and anticipation.  Anticipation; we are back from Thanksgiving-a short, foretaste of what is to come.  But now, we’re back doing what we have been doing all semester long.  Except now, everything is different.  We’re counting down the days of class, the exams, and Christmas care packages in the mail–and we are looking ahead to the twinkling lights at the end of the tunnel.  We are ready to be done; we had a small taste, and we are hungry. Anticipation.
Before the endless days of sleeping in, home-cooked meals, free laundry, an no homework take over we are in preparation mode. We are forming outlines for our final projects, decorating our dorm rooms & apartments, and maybe even reacquainting ourselves with the library and all those books we bought at the beginning of the semester.

We cannot yet breathe a sigh of relief that Christmas break is here…Our pulse is racing–it is so close, and almost, but not yet.  We are looking ahead to the idealism and release from ‘oppression’ that a break can give. But before that time comes we must live in the now. We must incorporate those big ideas of “Christmas break” into our lives here–spending time with people we care about, resting, and regrouping.  We need to learn to live in this way even in the ‘not yet’ of Advent.

We have a taste of what is to come-it feels as if it has been here…but it’s still not quite here.
We are eager. We are preparing. We are anticipating. We are longing. We are living in the now and not yet–Advent.


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  1. theawkwardembrace · ·

    oh my gosh, Jesus is freaking amazing.

    So true–we live in a state of advent here in college.

    But all of life is Advent as well. We’re groaning in eager expectation in awaiting the ‘return of the king’ [hi-o] and the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God. But all of the Hebrew Scriptures/OT were in Advent, waiting for the messiah. Jesus’ birth fulfilled one Advent and his death and resurrection brought on another. And all of life has been one huge advent since the Crisis of humanity.

    Advent is life.

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